Pinterest for the average girl: DIY His and Hers Towel Hooks

A few weeks ago we lost the towel bar in our master bathroom.  The towel bar itself was fine but the small screws holding it up started to tear away from the drywall, taking an even bigger patch of drywall with it.

I’m not a big fan of towel bars for hanging wet towels anyways.  If you fold up your wet towel and hang it nicely then it never truly gets dry in between showers.  If you spread it out to dry, then it just doesn’t look nice (plus two big bath towels spread out don’t really fit on an average-sized towel bar).

So, when the towel bar went kaputz, we took it as an opportunity and searched for a replacement in the form of hooks.  Joe requested separate hooks  so that he could attach each hook directly into a stud, thus avoiding future drywall tearing caused by heavy, wet towels.

We didn’t have much luck finding anything great at stores around town (I’m still mourning the loss of our local Digs shop).  An online search on Etsy turned up some close contenders but nothing just right.

So, Pinterest to the rescue.

Thanks to this tutorial for making towel hooks, found via Pinterest, we (Joe did everything involving a saw, hammer, and nails; I did everything involving a paintbrush and sandpaper) made some ourselves last weekend.

Here’s the rundown…

We bought a couple of pine 1x4x6 boards at Home Depot and measured eight 10″ wide sections to cut (this used up all of the one of the boards, plus a little of the second one – so we’ve got plenty left over for the next project).  We arranged the boards on the floor, four boards per towel hook, and nailed two smaller strips of wood to the back to hold them together.

project 2

Wiped everything down with a wet rag and painted on two coats of Behr premium semi-transparent wood stain in Tugboat.  All of this cutting, nailing, staining took place during Lyla’s naptime.

By the time Lyla went to bed Sunday night, the stain was dry and they were ready for the finishing touches.

I used this tutorial for stenciling and painting wood signs, also found via Pinterest.

I wanted sort of a beachy, nautical-like look for the words, like the stenciling you’d see on the side of a weathered wooden boat.  I downloaded the font “Tall Dark and Handsome” from, printed out the words in 350-point font, and traced over the top of them with a sheet of tracing paper underneath.


Using a small, angled craft brush I then filled in the letters with two coats of Martha Stewart Satin Paint (color: Beach Glass).  Our bathroom is gray and brown with sort mint-ish/aqua-ish/tealish glass mosaic accent tiles throughout (someday I’ll take a photo of the whole thing, but it is far from being done – not to mention it doesn’t stay photo-worthy for long.)


Once the paint was dry, I rubbed fine grit sandpaper over the whole thing to remove some of the paint and stain, giving it that “weathered” look. (Calling things that are handmade weathered, rustic, aged? That’s a great way to explain away crooked lines and smudged paint, dontchathink?)

I finished it off by adding one coat of clear poly spray since these are going in a bathroom.  Joe screwed the hooks into each one and drilled the whole thing directly into the wall (you could also hang by attaching sawtooth hangers on the back).

We’re pretty pleased with the results.  And the cost – about $15 total for supplies.  (I already had the stain and clear poly spray on hand, leftover from my growth chart ruler project.)


And now, our towels will be hangin’ dry…and Hangin’ Tough…ohweeohweeoh (my apologies for the NKOTB reference – I just had to).

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  1. You are so, so creative! It never ceases to amaze me. I love this project!

  2. Ooo, these are really cute! Rustic and classy. I like!

  3. Kayla kaytar says:

    Does anyone make these and sell them?


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